No New Year Resolution!

Hey there, 🤗
I have been out for quite sometime to gain some stability and mental peace that has been disturbed due to some reasons. But anyway! Now doing quite well Alhamdulilah. Move towards the latest blog post and share some New Year Resolutions. 🎇🎆😍😊

It’s New Year’s eve, people are busy in parties and celebrations witht their friends and family to welcome the New Year and hoping that the year 2019 will bring postivity, stability, prosperity and even their wishes will come true. 🤗🙏❤

Yet we all know that everyone makes resolutions for the new year that could be losing weight, switching job, love the ones who matters in their life and most importantly themselves etc. 😊😁😄

Indeed, It is a good thing to do but do we really practice all those resolutions whole year?🤔 Exactly, we can’t but if we practice them with enthusiasm and stability we can practice those resolutions whole year and even get the desired outcome. 🙃🙌

If you talk about me, I left setting any goals for my life, because whenever I set goals/resolutions, completely opposite happens,😔 so there aren’t any resolutions for me. Just welcoming New Year with optimism. 😀😍😊

Share your resolutions in the comments and let’s see appreciate and encourage them to implement those resolutions. 😊🤗
Image: anonyms (fireworks for new year 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand)

Mental issues needs our attention!

🌻Since quite long I have been witnessing the people who are committing suicide, and some of the reasons are still unknown to everyone. Unfortunately, we cannot curb it. Many times, we notice that the people who are close to us are suffering from mental illness (due to any other reason), but what we do frequently? . . . 🌻If we find someone who needs help mentally or emotionally, we just utter few typical quotes, comparing them with the destitute people that someone else suffering more than you do, or started to judge them due to any mental illness. .
. 🌻Here we are being erroneous with them, showing your sympathetic side with them might help them to some extent but the root cause will remain the same. .
. 🌻Suggesting them to pray, to remain patient, judging them for having a mental issue will only worsen the situation instead of reduction. The person might feel that you are only playing with your words. I am not saying that does not talk positive or sympathising with them but try to take assistance from Medical. It would be the most substantial favour for them because laying word games do not help the person who is suffering.
. .
. 🌻It is not any shame to seek help from Psychiatrists to counter your mental issues, it is same as we suffer from Fever or Flu and seek medical help from a General Physician. Try to bring awareness that people who need your help in countering their psychological sickness be more practical.
. .

🌻Indeed, religion aids in this situation as well (I completely agree) but medical aid is compulsory in this case. Losing or let them suffer alone this issue might be hazardous for them. Be more concern towards them because they are masking their emotions but let them blow out the thoughts that bothers. .

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Self – Peace Development Course Day 9





Tips on how to manage your focus on mundane work. Focusing on any work is essential in order to work efficiently and for the best outcome for your work. for management of Focus, there are three techniques that need to be on your thumb. 

1. Clean focus –
2. Clean Cuts
3. Change channels

1. Clean Focus – is the focus on one thing at a time, being pure towards that particular activity. It is kind of agenda that we should stay focused on one thing and ignoring the extra activities, without judging ourselves, without any self-negative talks, just try to focus. If you want an example, then try to focus on your breathing, that would be the best thing to keep yourself focused. In order to teach yourself to how to make Clean Focus in your mind, this technique would be helpful.

2. Clean Cuts: This agenda comes after he clean focus when you focus on a single thing for a period of time, then clean cut it. How? Whatever the work you are doing in clean focus continued for 60 minutes, then Clean Cut it after 60 minutes sharp. Just wrap it up before 60 minutes and just finish it. (you can use a digital timer/stopwatch for this) you can drink water, stretch yourself, gave a glance over the texts or the notifications you got on your phone. Just clean cut that particular work for at least 30 minutes.

3. Change Channels: So the third one is the Change channels. As I said earlier about the clean focus then clean cuts. After the clean cut off the work you are doing, just change the channel. How? after cutting off, just go for other physically or emotionally work or even relaxing your body by laying down or anything. you can talk on the phone with your friends or anyone. Just change the channel (mind) from that particular work you are doing for last 60 minutes. Go to another zone completely for the short period of time.

So, hopefully, you can work efficiently or can perform better than before by using these three techniques to keep yourself focused on your work.



  1. Kindness: Empathy
  2. The stillness of mind: High waves
  3. Dialogue/Interactive attitude: Content


1. Lied to own self: No
2. Use of intoxicants: No
3. Misuse of power: No
4. False or hateful speech: No

5. Dishonesty at work: No



QUESTION: Set a 30-minute timer first. Don’t put your mobile phone on silent. Don’t create a perfect environment for yourself. Sit in a room – turn on the Television with a reasonable volume and open this PDF, set a 30-minute timer and start reading – that’s CLEAN FOCUS as you’ve learnt in the video above. After 15 minutes, CLEAN CUT and stop and CHANGE CHANNEL and do some physical exercise or watch television for 5 minutes. Come back to reading and read for 10 more minutes. After finishing reading … whatever you’ve understood and read in these 30 minutes – please share with us. Don’t rush into reading – go slow BUT stay focused!


ANSWER: Well, I did this during the lecture, and honestly, I loved these techniques very well, In fact, I’m the one who could not focus on any particular work or hobby for a long time. I get bored often (may be due to extreme stress in my mind or it’s may be due to my nature) but I needed the most to learn about the focusing on my work because I lack this thing in my life. It even disturbed my routine or even my interests badly.








Self Peace Development Course Day 8



Opinion on Video

A small step towards the positivity will be the most difficult one but the most important one to reach the level of excellence in all grounds of life. Tha challenge for several people is the resistance to change, but it is the most crucial part of our lives. The people who reached the topmost level of their life. achieved their goals, excelled in their life, it all initiated with a Single Step towards the Self- realisation, recognition of what you deserve and desire. Leaving your comfort zone and negativity behind will open the new doors of positivity and opportunities. 


1- KINDNESS: Empathy



1- Lied to oneself: No
2- Use of intoxicants: No
3- Misuse of Power: No
4- False or hateful speech: No
5- Dishonesty at work: No



QUESTION: Most of the time, relationships end because of, or in connection to, poor communication. The foundation of a relationship is knowing how, what and when to communicate your concerns to others. Communication is basically the keystone on which you can build a happy relationship. Knowing the art of communicating well is a blessing in itself.

If communication carries such an importance in our life, then in your opinion, why do people fail to communicate? Tell us about your ways of communicating and channelizing feelings with your others.

According to you, what should be the parameters of respectful communication? How can we make sure that our communication helps us decrease the tension between people and us?


ANSWER: The communication between the two people is the gateway to each other’s thoughts. The respectful communication is necessary for all relationships because it is the initial for others to open up themselves.
When everything is falling apart, communication handles it with care, but it should be in a respectful way and trying to solve the issues not to tangle them more. I would suggest communicating with everyone with empathy and concern with their issues will be the best way to win them.







Self-Peace Development Course Day 7





Sam at TEDx Mid Atlantic


I don’t know where should I start (because I’m crying after watching this video that how much people are satisfied with their life) So, I really appreciate the person named “SAM” a Progeria patient in this TEDx Mid Atlantic video.
Indeed, Happiness comes within, you can’t stay devasted or stressed all the time. There is always, always a reason to stay contended in a day. Feeling bad is also a normal emotion, you can stay there BUT for a while, if you want to achieve something, then you need to leave those emotions behind and focus on what life is teaching us from every experience we had (might be good or bad). Be grateful that you had or still confronting obstacles in your life (everyone has or even suffering according to their level). Here I’m going to mention Sam’s philosophy towards life:

1. be ok what you ultimately can’t do, because there is so much you can do.
2. Surround yourself with the people you want to be around
3. keep moving forward
4. never miss a party you can help it

These are the aspects that we should apply in our lives because, Happiness, Self-control, Satisfaction and enthusiasm comes within, you can find in other people who are close to you, but you need to find it in yourself first.



  1. Kindness:  Empathy

2.  Stillness of Mind:  Low waves

3. Dialogue/ Interactive attitude:  Happy



  1. Lied to own self:  No
  2. Use of intoxicants:  No
  3. Misuse of power:  No
  4. False or hateful speech: No
  5. Dishonesty at work:  No



QUESTION: Next time, at your dinner table – sit with family and take a complete rundown of the whole day. Talk of the challenges everyone faced and what could’ve been done to handle them better. Share your lows and highs of the day with everyone at the table. Furthermore, talk of the common interests you have with any of the family members and see how does the conversation go. Once you are done with this go out – take a 10-minute walk and think – by doing that chat at the dinner table, how energized and happy you feel? What are those little things you need to do in order to make a lifestyle – which keeps you happy?


ANSWER: I always have dinner with my family on the dining table and we discuss the issues, happiness, and even joke when we are on the table. Due to it, we feel connected because due to tough routines and technology we feel apart from each other but having dinner with family at a time gives a sense of fulfilment within.













Self-Peace Development Course Day 6


Opinion on Video: 

Parents are those angels the God has bestowed us, to care for us, to love, to sacrifice their happiness. They are always there whenever we need them when everyone leaves us in the condition of life and death, parents are always standing with us, no matter how much we are rude and unkind to them. No one in this World can replace Parents, as they are here to guide us to avoid to go after for anything. The ones who made our dreams come true. They love us, pray and care for us every single day. Parents are kinda safe deposit where we leave our sorrows and worries and they not only give their best solutions but tries to overcome it. so, never let any other else take that special place of your parents in your life, because, They are the form of Purest love you can never get in this cruel World.

Self Measuring Parameters:

Kindness: Empathy

The stillness of mind: High waves

Dialogue/interactive attitude: Concerned

Daily Habits: Pathway to self-discipline
Lied to own self: No

Use of intoxicants: No

Misuse of power: No
False or hateful speech: No
Dishonesty at work: No


Self-disciplinary exercise
QUESTION: Sacrificing for others means we create a better world, as we care for others and willing to communicate and connect without discriminating on any basis. With a little sacrifice, we can share another’s pain and we are very much aware of the effects of our actions on them. To be at peace with others, we need to learn to feel for them. What’s more important for us to know is the opposite of faith is not disbelief, its indifference.

As an individual, what role you are playing in making connections and strengthening bonds between people?


ANSWER: I’m doing a little part in this world as an Encourager, the world where every other person is suffering and confronting their issues, I give them a ray of hope. If few words of mine could ease anyone’s worries or relieve stress then it is one of the best deeds I do in the World, and I’m so proud of that. Without any sacrifice, one can reach the level of excellence or get anything they want, so being a busy person (daily) I try to help myself and others by this programme. I’ve extremely contented and grateful to God that people read my words and admire them, Alhamdulillah.


Be an Encourager!


Hey there readers! I’ve been quite busy and even stuck in my mundane work and even in the Shopping (as Ramzan and Eid are around the corner).🕌 Due to this, I could not even continue my Self Peace Development course and the blog posts. 🕊 I can understand that everyone should manage, I have to post motivation or my encouraging thoughts that help a lot you guys after every second day, but I’m working on it though. 😀 It’s a pleasure for me that you guys love my words and thoughts.❤🌻
🌸 Be an encourager for everyone because you never know what kind of circumstances they are going through. .

Self-Peace Development Course Day 5



The fifth day, of course, was on Empathy by Anita Nowak, a lecture from TEDx Montreal Women (The power of empathy). Empathy is the power of understanding other person’s feelings, views from their point of view rather than yours. According to St. Francis of Assisi:

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle”

Indeed, this world needs the empathetic people who can understand, communicate and connect with the people around him to be kind and supportive of them. With a little empathy, one can understand and share other person’s deep emotions that need to be expressed out. Being sympathetic towards the bruised people would make a huge difference in their mundane work and will leave an affirmative mark on their brain that would drastically change their life, Forever!


1- KINDNESS: Empathy




1- Lied to oneself: No

2- Use of intoxicants: No

3- Misuse of Power: No

4- False or hateful speech: No

5- Dishonesty at work: No

Self-Peace Development Course Day 4




Self-Peace Development Course: EPISODE 1 – THE AWAKENING (DAY 4)

In the last lecture, meditation was mentioned as a source of Peace development for Mind and reduces overthinking. In today’s video lecture, the Benefits of Meditation mentioned which is very helpful. These benefits really amazed me because I was unaware of them. However, there are some issues with my brain, I cannot focus on anything after some time I lose motivation and could not work.

In our daily life, we do not get enough time for ourselves to meditate. Numerous benefits of Meditation mentioned that could be very helpful to enhance mental abilities.  A number of studies conducted in the world to find out the benefits of this mental exercise, few of them are as follows:


a Physically Changes your size of the brain:

According to Dr Sara Lazer study in 2011: Meditation increases the Brain Size in three areas:

a- Left Hippocampus: Learning ability to retain information

b- Temporo Parietal Junction: Responsible for Empathy and Compassion

c- Posterior Cingulate Complex: Ability to control the ability of your mind to wanders

d- Amygdala: Responsible for Fear, Stress and Anxiety, meditation decreases cell volume



Meditation reduces the number of bad emotions that could be lethal for mental health.

a- Stress: According to Dr Sharma study in 2004, It helps you to manage stress levels in your brain and dramatically decreases the negative side effects of stress

b- Depression: A research published by Jama Internal Medicine by Prof. Willem Kuyken, It benefits the brain as much as antidepressants do. The people who were going through the study doctors have found that it is 31% less chance of relapse of depression.

c- Anxiety: Study by Dr Hodge in 2004, She revealed that meditation for 8 weeks vividly reduces anxiety symptoms in a person.



Meditation stimulates and helps in the growth of the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex (responsible for the Will Power in a person).


According to McLean’s study in 2010, the people who meditate, their focus and concentration on their work or any other activity increases.



A study was conducted on the old-aged people at the University of California concluded that Meditation decreases the C – Reactive Protein in the blood which is responsible for the risk of heart diseases.

Another study found that by meditation within 3 months the high blood pressure has reduced drastically.

Studies conducted by a Nobel Prize Winner Elizabeth Blackburn in 2010 have found that the Short Telomeres in our DNA are a marker of Aging. Meditation protects the length of the Telomeres that could possibly reduce the ageing.



In 2004 Dr Richard Davidson, he placed the electrodes on the heads of monks who were the practitioners of Meditation for 30+ years. He found that they had 30x more Gamma Rays than the normal people who are associated with the Compassion, Self-control, Intelligence and the Feelings of contentment.

Therefore, so many other studies and researchers on the benefits of meditation that conducted time to time. Meditation should be practice on daily basis to get healthier benefits every passing day.



  • KINDNESS: Listen
  • STILLNESS OF MIND: High waves




1-            Lied to oneself: No

2-            Use of intoxicants: No

3-            Misuse of Power: No

4-            False or hateful speech: No

5-            Dishonesty at work: No



QUESTION: In every aspect of our life, a good personality holds a very important value. Whether you are a budding professional, an established career person, or perhaps a homemaker, it is something that will help you develop and maintain solid relationships with others. For that, speech plays an important role. Speech is a window into a human nature too. Rightly said, we are what we speak, and our speech has both positive and negative consequences. To know what to say and how to say at the right time is a blessing in itself. Then why do people gossip and say ill about others, knowing how badly it can hurt someone

How do you feel if someone lies, gossips, and talks harshly about you? What if you did that to them?


ANSWER: Indeed, speech is the window to the thoughts, and nature of a person, it shows the amount of how much negativity or positivity is present in his mind. Unfortunately, I came across many people who have talked ill about me in which I do not have any control over it, but I have faced. I never talked bad about anyone, never gossiped (in front of others), or bad behaviour person but confronted hate speech from my own relatives and even few friends (sadly). On the contrary, I never did they did like, backbiting about anyone and never revealed his or her secrets.  It is not in my upbringing to be disrespectful to anyone and to those who are full of negativity and evil-minded. I leave everything in God’s hand, as He takes the best revenge. However, if it is necessary to clear the misunderstanding, then I try my best to clear it with people as soon as possible.


D-           RATE YOUR DAY:  8/10




Self-Peace Development Day 3



Self-Peace Development Course Episode 1 (Day 3)


*I am not regular with the course, but trying my best to cover the course daily.


The third day explains the Importance of Meditation in life, which should be practised on the daily basis even for 15 minutes, but must be. My thoughts on their sample or course video are:


Well, I’m an overthinker, I overthink some situations a lot (even whole day). What happens then? I started to lose my concentration over other things, can’t control my emotions (as I’m an emotional person), that leads to the grumpiness in my behaviour.
We should initiate meditation as it stops the mind and makes space for other constructive thoughts. Because thinking a lot can even damage our memory and we live with those issues/situations rather than living in the moment.


1- Kindness:   Empathetic


2- Stillness of Mind: High waves (could not help it )


3- Dialogue/Interactive attitude: Angry (more due to hot weather, I hate summers)



1- Lied to ownself:  No

2- Use of Intoxicants:  No

3- Misuse of Power:  No

4- False or Hateful Speech:  No

5- Dishonesty at work:  No




QUESTION: Stealing is to take something that belongs to someone else. So, where do you think stealing starts, what is the origin? Could it be that our personal desire is out of control? Human beings require basic necessities, such as shelter, food, clothing, and healthcare. How would you minimize longing for things that are not basic necessities that belong to others? Can you make a list of things and tell us about minimum three things that you can let go of and still be comfortable in your life?



Stealing is prohibited in all religions and even in all the cultures exists in the World. It is kind of necessity which is not overcome and then a person starts to snatch from others to satisfy his needs (it could be emotional one too). If you stay contended with the people and things that you possess then you could be happy and even satisfied,
Three Things that need to be let go to gain peace in life:

1- Competition in basic necessities of life
2- Jealousy
3- Being materialistic

These are the three main things or factors (in my opinion) people can be left them in order to gain some serenity in their haphazard life.





Self Peace Development course Day 2







On my second day, of course, I saw an inspiring video made by some Team American whose message that they are trying to build and encourage the kids of all ages to be a better person and make the World a better place to live. As we know that we are (sorry to say) but somehow meet and greet people because we expect a profit or favour from them on any ground of our life. However, the youngsters (from all races) own the purest hearts, compassion towards the people, their emotions and intentions are pure for everyone.

Therefore, if we try to raise our kids or the youngsters who listen to our opinions and pieces of advice, then try to teach them compassion, generosity, self-peace and selflessness, then we can build the World as the better even the most serene planet to live by.

These are the few points or gestures for parents that should teach to their children to raise them as a caring, loving and kind-hearted person for the family, society and especially for themselves

How was my day?


1-      Kindness: Polite

2-      Stillness of mind: High waves (I don’t know how to characterise them as it isn’t mentioned)

3-      Dialogue / Interactive Attitude: Concerned


1-      Lied to oneself: No

2-      Use of intoxicants: No

3-      Misuse of Power: No

4-      False or hateful speech: Yes (maybe)

5-      Dishonesty at work: No


QUESTION: Write down a letter to your present self. How are you doing? What problems are you dealing with? Thank your current self for something you did that can make your future life better. Try to keep a positive attitude while doing this exercise. You can also do it as an imagination exercise, visualising yourself in a few years at work, or shopping. Be aware that the purpose of this is to make you feel more connected to yourself. Studies show that the more aware we are of the self-disciplinary measures, the more we care about the health and happiness of ourselves, and the more likely we are to make responsible decisions.

MY ANSWER: I am doing very well. My life filled with many problems that I cannot even mention here, But oh well, I’m confronting them with courage and sometimes I started to panic but sometimes stay calm ( I’m somewhere between).  Well, I am quite grateful to Allah swt that he gave me problems, issues to solve that shall mould me into a better and even stronger person than before, and it shall help me in the future as well.

Ah, I am so tired of imagination, so I want to stop imagination because as by nature I am a day dreamer so it will become a nightmare for me if I initiated my daydreaming. Sorry.

D-     RATE YOUR DAY:  7/10

E-      MINUTES SPENT ON COURSE: 22 minutes (approx.)


Can be seen on my Instagram blog

Signed up Self Peace Development Course



I have been the one who craves for the mental wellness, peace within you and highly motivated. For this, I read a number of articles and books that are spiritually awakening and motivating to be a better person with others and with you as well (the most important aspect). Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, I sulked into depression and anxiety that was undoubtedly a worst mental condition for anyone. I am not here to be the one who wanted to get any attention. I used to be in severe depression and have observed all the characteristic symptoms of it. However, Alhamdulillah I confronted my depression. Although, it was the toughest thing to conquer because I never let anyone know that what I am suffering? Or what kind of circumstances I am going through? Precisely, it has awakened my fond of the divine peace and spirituality. Few days before, I saw a post on our most favourite Instagram celebrity and the motivational speaker @humnaraza (as I am following her, obviously). She mentioned about an event held in Islamabad @peacewithoutborders to bring peace and self-awareness to you. Well, as I saw their profile and then signed in for the “Self Peace Development Course”. As they mentioned in their course outline that It is a 40 days course, 20 days to leave your bad habits and 20 days to build new ones. Apart from this, they are also providing counselling if you want help or cannot understand. Well, I signed up for Self Peace Development course and surely, they will provide a complete counselling to everyone without any fees, so more people can avail it.
I’ll also initiate journaling about the everyday session of the course along with the with the answers to their questions. 🙂 so Stay tuned.

Feel Contended.. all the time!

When you feel contended from inside, the fate works in your favour.
Being satisfied with yourself is the time when everything is about to turn according to your will. 🍃☄💫

Nothing can beat your self-confidence, if You don’t want to. Be courageous, every person makes mistakes. Don’t take your mishaps too seriously, due to the mistakes, our perception changes.

Make peace within yourself, punishing yourself is useless and even damages your abilites. People are enough to punish us, whether they punish you with their absence, presence, ignorance or being abusive.

Live your life on your own terms.

Cut yourself out from Selfish people.

Whenever you feel like, your texts has been ignored, your snaps has been opened but didn’t replied, feeling like you have been betrayed, it is the time when you have to stop.
Yes, stop begging, stop sending texts, never send them a snap, not even they ask for it.

Just shut them out like they did with you. Be a mirror of them.

Be a mirror of them.

Do not expect any sort of kind reply from them. And, if you get, them be courageous and simply ignore/seen them, like they did to you.
They have to feel that how it caused pain and anxiety in you when you tried to talk but they didn’t replied you back. Try to work on yourself. No need to work or pamper those who are avoiding you, no matter how much they mean to you. Just simply ignore them.
Remind yourself that, You needs you. The person who can understand is yourself. The amount of pain they gave to you is uncountable.

Be brave and left everything in the hand of God, verily He do the best, every single time.

A Confession from my side!

Hey there,

I want to confess here that I’m in severe depression for almost a month and I could not help myself in it. That’s the reason I could not write, post, can’t run my personal blog even I have enough problem in working mundane work.

It is not an easy task to get up, get ready and work when you cried your heart out whole night.
I have no regrets to confess this reality because it is the second time I’m suffering from this life threatining kinda disease.

It’s severity is increasing day by day but I am trying my best to make myself busy in everything but unfortunately failed. Continuously trying to write blogs, to start a job or to initiate preparation for an exam but this issue lingers in my mind.
Headache doesn’t wants to leave me, mental peace is lost completely.

The most prominent and characterised symptoms are; the person who is suffering from Depression cannot get up easily from bed in the morning, one have to convince himself to get up and confront the world, again.

I don’t want to talk to anyone, not replying texts, calls, whatsapp, snaps, even e-mails. I simply don’t want to interact with anyone or you can say I became an anti-social person. Sometimes, I wanted to talk a lot but I just say; “Anyway, leave it!”.

Nevertheless, I’m blessed with that kind of nature that can change instantly by few tracks or my fav. Cheese starwberry Icecream and by any random movie. Aahhh.. how much easy for me to get depressed or to turn my moodswing into good one. It is such a blessed or a curse, I don’t have any idea about it. Lol.

Initially I was writing how much sad or depressed I am, but now while writing mood turned into a good one. Undoubtedly, quite unpredictible person I am.

Anyway, try to find contentment in simple and meaningless things, don’t try to find logic everytime, it can make you overthink and make you sad.
Be a source of spreading joy in everyone’s life, especially Your’s.

Anyway, I’m somewhere between a depressed or happy person, I think I need to consult a psychotherapist as soon as possible. Because, I conquered my depression before, still trying but I think I need to consult too, even to get some anti-depressent.

Live life..

The matter is, we don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring and the only thing we really have is right now. So, don’t stay angry for too long and learn to forgive. Love your friends and family with all your heart. Have fun and live your life the way you want to live it. Most of all, don’t worry about people that don’t like you and enjoy the ones who do.

Illustration of a picture!

Why this picture still lingers in my mind? 🤔 It is not getting away from my thoughts. Just because I see my reflection it, well I guess so. 🙄
This picture illustrated the state of mind of a number of people who are even crying behind the closed doors or inside their mind, and still have a patience and smile on this face. 😊👱‍♀️
It is the sign of true warrior who knows how to handle and survive in the worst conditions. 🙅‍♀️🙌
People leave you at that time when you need them the most, even their moral support is enough. One can forgive them for their abondanment but can never forget what they have done or left them no choice to do. 😔😕
I’m writing thoughts of those who are suffering from the above condition, just so let you know that

Sensitivity isn’t a sign of weakness

Me after someone says something mean to me, knowing I am a sensitive baby! ☹🐰🐇😔

Being an emotional and sensitive person isn’t a bad habit. It means that your heart is quite vulnerable that can’t even bear the rude behaviour. 😊

Sensitivity often prefered as the sign of weakness but it is completely opposite to that. A person who shows his sensitive side to anyone needs courage, 🙅‍♀️otherwise people just pretend that they are strong but they let down others to satisfy yheir ego and self-esteem.

So be yourself and if your habits aren’t eligibale to change then do not change yourself. If there is something in your behaviour then try hard to change it first. Otherwise, stay happy in your own company. 🤗

People often left you without any reason, blaming you for such mishap, then try best to hold them, but if they wanted to go, then let them go. They won’t find you in other ones.

Unity – The Vision of Quaid




As we are commemorating the 142nd birth anniversary of Quaid –e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, remembering the Predecessor of the nation who stood up in contradiction of the British rule and bestowed a separate state in which every person regardless of their sect, religion, ethics or race, they can perform their obligations without being answerable. Needless to mention, that the state has come into existence in the name of “Islam” and recognized as an “Islamic Republic” but every inhabitant can live their life according to their religious obligations. Similarly, Islam also demonstrates us to esteem other beliefs as well and do not impose your considerations on others.

Unity – Faith – Discipline – The very eminent slogan of Jinnah, that presented a direction to the lives of Pakistanis, which also been occupied by the Western realms. I would rather regard this slogan as a scheme of life that needs to be applying to get excellence in life. Nonetheless, it gave a ray of hope and direction for the youth of the country. Ostensibly, they give the impression of three simple words, but if expounded, they retain a vast meaning of life and secret of victory concealed in them.
If we just pick out Unity from the scheme, then it is one of the crucial needs of every state. Unity is obligatory in every single department/institute to work against all odds, stand up, and unite in all circumstances, whether good or bad, regardless of races, ethics, and culture. Quaid e Azam was utterly aware of the nation he was generating that, numerous cultures and linguistics shall be in one state, to unite them all, he bound the nation in a single string; he declared “URDU” language as the prime language of Pakistan.

Nonetheless, where few people gather, there would be the difference in opinion. Rationally, such differences are compulsory but sometimes they turn out to be the source of arguments or conflicts. Unfortunately, more than a few elements have created differences in us, likewise, sectarian differences, political, logical and sometimes cultural. Nevertheless, we as a nation exemplified ourselves as the utmost patriotic and cohesive nation according to the surveys. We stood up with each other in the time of catastrophes or in contentment. As a nation, we supported the victims of uncountable suicide bomb attacks, regardless of their religion or sect, every Pakistani stood up for them. Moreover, the world witnessed our fortitude and empathies towards the victims and their families on brutally killing of flowers in Army Public School, Peshawar (16-12-2014). Whole nation mourned over the massive carnage and the populaces who used to not in favor of the Operation in Northern areas against militants, extended their support as well. Incalculable massacre Pakistani nation has witnessed but the unanimity remained intact. Support for our armed forces especially Pakistan Army is not ambiguous; we entirely stayed behind the soldiers of our motherland and shall support them in every thick and thin in all circumstances and recognizing their efforts and sacrifices, they made to secure us from the foes of Pakistan.

Our passion for Cricket would be the superlative illustration of unity. Whether it is Pakistan Super League (PSL) or International tournaments, unity would be a paradigm. We entirely provide furtherance to Pakistani Cricket team whether they perform well in the ground or not, the passion for Cricket will never fade out from the hearts of Pakistanis. Regardless of sect, religion or culture, we implore and rejoice the victory of Pakistan in the Cricket tournaments.

Pakistanis as a nation are indebted to Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who propined us Pakistan, owing to which we are having our peculiar acknowledgement and worth that can never stall. Whether few aspects created dissimilarities among us or alienated us into the fragments, but we are acquainted with the value of unity very well and have the capability to uphold it, as it is the philosophy and vision of our Quaid.


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We Rose up and Will Shine Forever!



The slogan was that much motivational for all students of APS that granted them that power of fightback that can never be seen. Indeed, most of them belong to those ironmen of Pakistan who are protecting their country and sacrificing their lives. The love for the country is that much immense which has no other example. The intensified love for protection of their motherland, our soldiers do not have a second thought for giving their today for our better and serene tomorrow.

Three years have passed, seasons changed, occasions passed, everything has occurred according to its timing, but the pain of 16th December 2014 still remains at its place. Nevertheless, a horrible massacre held on the piece of earth, when the flowers that were not bloomed, crushed brutally on the land of their own. The walls of the school painted with their blood, their books, classes, halls and even the furniture of school stained with the blood of innocent children who were busy in their studies or were planning for the bright future ahead. However, the butchers of humanity had other plans for those little buds. The malevolent inclination destroyed the happiness of 145 families, and the victim’s minds have not forgotten that horrifying attack which took away their happiness, serenity of their mind which can never be returned back.

Dear APS Martyrs,

We shall never forget you our Angels, we know that you are playing in the halls and corridors of Heaven and having a beautiful and eternal life there.
Nonetheless, we have not spared your murderers who snatched away your lives and happiness of your families. Your blood-soaked shoes gave shivers to our spine. You were the ones who paid the price for these wars who remains for a decade and we did not know when it is going to end. Your sacrifice gave us the power to dream, to rise and to shine and, most importantly you showed that our strength lies in unity.

We (Pakistanis) showed the entire world how to stay strong and never surrender to the evil souls that have inundated our land today, you are our heroes and we look up to all of you every day. You teach us the lesson of bravery as your fathers do on the battlefield. It’s a request from you all that Please pray to Allah that He should open eyes of everyone who are taking the sides of those barbarous people so that we might not collect the blood-stained books, chairs or shoes. The worth of human life is more than anything.


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Sharmeen Obaid – Wrong Woman in the Wrong Family







Sharmeen-Obaid2-740x357It is a norm in this country that when you are in power you can use it against anyone, whether they are guilty or not. The person with authority/power can put allegations over any other person without knowing their intentions. Most of the so-called feminists and pseudo-liberals seek attention, if attention is diverted from them they perform stunts that become a hot issue across the social media. This time such publicity stunt came from our very own SharmeenObaid Chinoy – The Oscar winner. There is a point to be mentioned here, the documentary she made on the girl (The Girl in the River), Sharmeen had promised her that she will not disclose her face in her documentary, unfortunately, she got divorced. Now she is categorized as “Divorcee” and has to confront the world, as it is her mistake. Reportedly, another promise Sharmeen made to the girl that, she will take her for the treatment for her acid-burn but-unsurprisingly-she did not fulfil her second promise.








However, a number of people praise her as she brought two Oscars to home. Indeed, she brought one of the most honourable accolades, but the question is, is it necessary to discourage your country in order to get the validation from West? In my opinion, it is a kind of treachery to your country.  However, quite a few people disparaged her as she represented the negative image of Pakistan in the Western states. Nonetheless, she is quite successful in spreading the negative image of Pakistan. Unfortunately, it is also a fact that the Women of Pakistan are suffering much, and it needs to be eradicated at any cost. Instead of showing the negative picture of Pakistan, one should do something meaningful to help such helpless women, needed to start from the grass root level, and should be initiated from now. The latest controversy came in limelight by the Oscar winner Sharmeen Chinoy, when she tweeted about her sister getting “harassed” by the doctor whom she went to for treatment in one of the topmost hospitals in Pakistan.









Such attention-seeking stunts do not help every time. It may lead to criticism even from the personages every now and then. Few public personalities have shown their disapproval of Sharmeen’s absurd act and exhibited consideration towards the victim doctor.

Sidesplittingly, a number of Facebook posts, tweets and even events were created to show their divergence and quips on such controversy. In this world of social media, the news spreads like a wildfire and you get the reaction (either good or bad) in the fraction of minutes. And as expected, after few days of this futile hullabaloo, Sharmeen herself delivered the clarification, her clarification statement is as mentioned below:

Undeniably, harassment is a serious and an undeniable fact of our society where quite a lot of women confront on the daily basis, whether on the bus stops, workplaces, on social media etc. but it should not be used for allegations as well. If she can work in the eradication or reduction of a nuisance then the Pakistanis would applause it, instead of making a short film on it and get yet another Oscar. It might be fruitful for the women of Pakistan.

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Tourism – Is on the Rise in Pakistan





Tourism is one of the prime and most gainful industries around the world. It prerequisites a relatively less investment for the enormous income. It is an opportunity for each country to preserve and highlight its heritage and attract interchange. The business has been utilized by countries around the world to strengthen their economies and stabilize their currencies because of increasing international currency in the flow. It is fine for native businesses, helps in elevation of tax returns and is beneficial in raising the living normal of a state.

Pakistan has perceived its business deterioration over the past few decades more or less. Foreign tourists, particularly from Europe and America, have diminished over that amount for the reason that of security concerns and terrorist act threats within the country. On the other hand, our country still gets thousands (if not more) of foreign tourists every year. However, Pakistan furthermore hosts remains of a number of the oldest civilizations, heritage, and memorials that attracts archaeologists to the country. In addition, let us not disremember the picturesque northern and craggy areas that Pakistan possesses.

According to Gilgit Baltistan business enterprise department, holidaymaker numbers rocketed to almost seven hundred thousand last year as compared to 250 thousand in 2014. In addition, the social media propagation of the attractive and historical sites inside the country have conjointly contributed plenty in revealing the $64000 great thing about the country.


From the mighty stretches of the Karakorams within the North to the huge deposit delta of the river within the South, this Asian country remains a land of high journey and nature. Trekking, mountain climbing, froth rafting, Sus scrofa searching, mountain and desert motorcar safaris, even yak safaris, trout hunting and birds look, that lure the journey and nature lovers to the state of Pakistan.

Pakistan is blessed with an upscale and varied flora and fauna. In elevation, the Himalaya, Karakoram and therefore the Hindukush ranges with their alpine meadows and permanent line, cone-bearing forests down the sub-mountain scrub, the huge Indus plain merging into the nice desert, the coastline and wetlands, all supply a remarkably wealthy style of vegetation and associated life as well as fauna, each endemic and migratory. 10 of eighteen class orders drawn in Pakistan with species starting from the world’s smallest extant mammals, the Mediterranean Pigmy Shrew, to an essential vertebrate ever known; the Blue whale.

Apart from this, tourism in Pakistan hiked up as the menace of terrorism vanishes or got controlled to some extent. This credit entirely goes to the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan who worked dauntingly and cleared the terrorism from the country and it is still undergoing. The beauty of Pakistan has its own charm and the tourists could not get enough from the mesmerizing views of our country. According to the census by different news resources:







Nonetheless, Pakistan is blessed with the heavenly views like the Galiyaat, Murree, Hunza valley, Fairy Meadows, Deosai plains in Gilgit-Baltistan, Shangrila Lake, Naran- Kaghan valley, Shalimar garden in Punjab, various archaeological buildings that are the remains of Mughal emperors, post-independence heritage constructions, and various tombs of Islamic and spiritual personalities. The mausoleums of the founders, the leaders who struggled for the independence and war martyrs are also to be found and visited often. Fortunately, despite combating internal wars, the Pakistani nation has emerged as the most obstinate and the dauntless populace that never kneeled down in front of militancy. For this, the world has praised the stamina of this nation and yet Pakistan is re-establishing the northern areas that have been deteriorated due to the war on terror.

The tourists attracting states have a complete and well-organized scheme of Tourism, they provide the best accommodation, guides, different kinds of offers during the tourism season and have proper and operational ministries for them. It aids in the increase of their economy and popularity, half of their country’s economy based on the tourism. On the other hand, unfortunately, Pakistan has the ministry for such department as “Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC)” but it is not working according to its prerequisites. The government of Pakistan should produce advertisements, paid contents for such department, and trade them to the countries from where the most tourists arrive. Such actions could increase the value of Pakistan and will attract a mammoth amount of tourists for the country that will gradually hike up the economy of the state.


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